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Vegas: Alter Your Reality

Life in 360°: Surreal Sin City Skies

Be prepared to take a trip into the bizarre.

It is a strange twist indeed that ends our visits to Life in 360° this week on VRFocus. Strange indeed that through complete chance I should stumble across a video that, for Friday, is an unlikely combination of two of the themes featured over Monday and Wednesday.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoAs you may recall, on Monday we journeyed to a galaxy far, far away with a 360 degree video related to Solo: A Star Wars Story and the scene where Han Solo and Lando Calrissian gamble on the fate of the Millennium Falcon.

Wednesday we had one of the longest Life in 360°’s to date in the form of a documentary about wild jaguars living in Brazil and how the country is attempting to manage a complicated balancing act for the needs of jaguars, ranchers, conservation researchers and ecotourism operators.

Now on Friday we have a strange meeting of Brazil and gambling in the form of a rather surreal 360 degree experience from Brazilian artist and designer Adhemas Batista. Batista was tasked to create Vegas: Alter Your Reality, an immersive promotional piece to promote tourism to Las Vegas and to give an idea of all the crazy sights, sounds and colours that you can experience in ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’.

“I have done websites, mobile applications, print advertising, packaging, branding, social media and animations. The difference (with virtual reality) is you can make people feel.” Explains Batista on the Visit Las Vegas website. “It’s like creating a new world for other people to see. It’s getting inside my own brain.”

Apparently in Batista’s mind Las Vegas is soaring through the clouds, avoiding moustachioed men with umbrellas and Dick Dastardly hats and riding a musical dragon whose body is a squeezebox.

Visit Las Vegas: “It’s showtime and you are about to go on stage. But this isn’t a traditional stage or any kind of show you’ve seen before. In Vegas, you are the star of your own immersive sensory experience. You are simultaneously entertained and performing every moment you’re here. Can you say superstar? Each new, exciting backdrop shines a light on you and endless possibilities. Adhemas is going to lift the curtain. Now you are a player in the spectacle of Vegas – and it is opening night.”

You can check out the video below. VRFocus will be back next week with more examples of 360 degree video.

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