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Catch and Release Hero

Metricminds Reels In The Release Date For Catch & Release

Relax with a fishing rod in hand as gentle fishing title Catch & Release heads to Steam and the Oculus Store.

Fishing is considered a relaxing pastime for many, and developer Metricminds are trying to bring that sense of peace and relaxation to virtual reality (VR) with lake-fishing title Catch & Release, which has just revealed its release date.

The title is largely set on a lake, which has been created to feature a colourful, pleasant art style, with plenty of local wildlife such as geese and bears to look out for, as well as the fish you are there to catch.

Catch and Release Camera

Players can go at their own pace, choosing if they want to pick up missions and challenges to progress quicker and unlock new gear and items, or choose or more leisurely route and let the fish come in their own time.

Players set up in a boat and row to various fishing spots, then use the fishing rod to throw a line, selecting the right bait and lure to catch the elusive fish, complete with haptic feedback to tell you when you have a bit. The lake hides more than just fish, so there could be some treasure just waiting to be fished up from the depths.

VRFocus managed to get a preview of Catch & Release, where it was said: “With so many high action shooters and adventure titles for VR it can be nice to slow things down a peg or two, and Catch & Release does exactly that. There’s some beautiful looking scenery to enjoy whilst bobbing up and down in the water, prepping the next hook. So long as there’s a decent amount of content and gameplay varying options; fish to catch, hooks, bait, locations, then catch & Release could well shape up to be one of the best VR fishing videogames.”

Catch and Release Menu

Catch & Release will be coming to Steam and the Oculus Store on the 7th June, 2018, with a PlayStation VR version planned for Summer 2018. Further information and updates will be here on VRFocus.

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