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Windows Mixed Reality HMD Exerciser

Microsoft Introduces The HMD Exerciser Kit For Microsoft HoloLens

A new tool used to validate Windows Mixed Reality PC’s and head-mounted displays.

Earlier this week Microsoft introduced the new head-mounted display (HMD) Exerciser Kit, a new tool that is used to validate Windows Mixed Reality PC’s and HMDs. This new HMD Exerciser Kit extends the Microsoft USD Test Tool (MUTT) Connection Exerciser, offering developers a number of ways to preform tests and functions.

Windows Mixed Reality HMD Exerciser

The HMD Exerciser consists of a number of different parts including an Ardunio-compatible base and three stacked add-on boards which are called Shields. All together these are all referred to as the HMD Exerciser Main Board which also contains a separate board designed to fit inside of the HMD which is referred to as HMD Tester. The HMD Tester Board is mounted into a HMD, allowing for testing of the HMD’s displays and fake a user wearing it thanks to the presence sensor. There are also servo connectors which will allow users to test motion as well, further expanding the options for the user.

Out-of-the-box the HMD Exerciser enables the following functionality:

  • USB connect/disconnect and multiplexing
  • HDMI connect/disconnect and multiplexing
  • Display panel brightness and color monitoring for two displays
  • Audio level monitoring
  • User presence spoofing
  • HMD USB current and voltage monitoring
  • Dual servo control

New features can be added to the HMD Exerciser from additional shields that can be stacked onto the HMD Exerciser Main Board. This means that developers will be able to expand the functionality of the HMD Exerciser will ease and build a test environment that is ideal for them and their needs.

Alongside the announcement of the HMD Exerciser Microsoft allow released a video which walks users through what the components are, how to setup the HMD Exerciser and some of the basic tests that can be run using it. Offering detailed feedback and control over a vast number of different elements of the HMD will be a benefit to developers who need to preform very particle testing, all while monitoring data such as connections or power usage.  In the below video Microsoft showcase connecting and disconnecting the HMD by using the HMD Exerciser and a number of console commands, with the results view able in real time.

You can see the video for yourself and for more on Windows Mixed Reality in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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