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Military Shooter Onward Announces Big Update

Update to v1.2 will arrive on 11th May on Steam according to developers Downpour Interactive.

First-person shooter Onward was launched on Steam in 2016, by independent developer Downpour Interactive. Since then, the team have been hard at work attempting to address feedback provided by the community. The developer has now announced Update v1.2 is almost ready for release.

Onward is a multiplayer-focussed virtual reality (VR) military shooter, currently in Early Access. It features a stripped-down interface where players only have one life, with no HUD or crosshairs to aid them in the 5v5 battles.

Onward screenshot 1

Players can take part in 5v5 battles, or grab a friend for co-operative battles against the AI, or even go it alone. Game-modes are objective-based, and players will need to apply tactics, communication and coordination as well as weapons skills in order to win.

The new features and content in the update includes updated shadows and lighting effects on all maps, the inventory system has been reconfigured so that all items are ambidextrous, and they can all be dropped and shared between players.

New weapons models have been added, such as the TAR-21 rifle. Night vision has got an upgrade, with a new IR light available and to test it out a new night-time map called Bazaar has been added. In addition, a map called Cargo, which players pegged as a favourite is returning to the game. Magazines will be interchangeable between guns like the STANAG standard implemented by NATO in the real world.

To cut down on players who are trying to win the easy way, the developers will also be implementing the EasyAntiCheat (EAC) system. A number of bugs will also be resolved with the new update.

The update is due out on 11th May, 2018 and will be applied automatically to Onward. The title is available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, priced at £18.99 (GBP). Further information on the new update can be found on the Steam Store page.

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