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More Than 1,000 Titles Available On Oculus Go

The Oculus Go may have only just launched, but some of the best of the Samsung Gear VR library are already available to play.

One of the advantages to making a new videogame platform backwards compatible or cross-compatible is that it gives users access to an already existing library, many of which have already proved their quality.

Since the Oculus Go is cross-compatible with much of the Samsung Gear VR library, this means that several well-received virtual reality (VR) titles are available right now for users to try out on their new device.

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Anshar Online is one of the titles available for Oculus Go, and is the latest release in the Anshar series by Ozwe Games, who previously produced Anshar Wars and Anshar Wars 2 for the Samsung Gear VR.
VRFocus got to preview Anshar Online, where it was received positively, saying: “The series has always been visually appealing but on Oculus Go the quality certainly jumps up a notch, with the dedicated LCD display offering a crisp, vivid image that’s not unpleasant to the eyes. This aids gameplay, with floating asteroids really popping out the screen and enemy fighters far easier to see.”

For those who want to experience something a bit more tactical, British indie developer presents Augmented Empire, a film noir-esque turn-based tactical title which got top marks from the VRFocus reviewer: “The title is entirely engrossing. Whether using the touchpad or a Bluetooth controller (recommended), the mechanics of Augmented Empire are really easy and fluid to use.”

Also worth checking out is Spark of Light, an imaginative fantasy puzzle title created by Dutch developer Pillow’s Willow. The verdict from VRFocus was positive: “Spark of Light is all heart, a wonderful fantasy escape for all the family. What it does right it does really well. Pillow’s Willow has certainly shown its talent for creating a rich experience that no one could really hate.”

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There are many other titles worth checking out, such as competitive VR PvP magic title WANDS by Cortopia studios, Skylight from E McNeill and Term1nal from Force Field VR.

VRFocus will continue to keep you updated on new content for the Oculus Go, Samsung gear VR and Oculus Rift.

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