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Never Play With Lasers Unless it’s a Laser Puzzle in VR

VRFocus tries to solve some puzzles in this new gameplay video.

Action videogames are well and good but sometimes the need arises for a more mental challenge, igniting that grey matter in your brain. There are plenty of puzzle titles for virtual reality (VR) headsets, coming in all shapes and forms. One of the latest to arrive for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality on Steam in Laser Puzzle by ARVI. VRFocus being dedicated gamers that we are took the challenge head on, recording a little gameplay video in the process.

Laser Puzzle

As the name suggests, Laser Puzzle is all about those focused beams of light, or more precisely manipulating these lasers to complete challenges and unlock the next one. The lasers bounce around at 45-degree angles, being fired from an emitter with the goal to angle the laser into a blue panel.

To do this you’re given cubes with sphere’s inside. The sphere’s reflect the laser’s whilst the cubes themselves can only be put on specific locations on a wall mounted board. While early levels give you an intro to how this all works, later levels ramp up the difficulty with multiple lasers, multiple end panels, immovable cubes, and multiple walls to deal with.

VRFocus’ four star review of Laser Puzzle found the videogame to be simple, intuitive, and most importantly addictive, with 72 levels to play through there’s a good few hours of game time wrapped into ARVI latest project.

Laser Puzzle in VR

As you’ll see in the gameplay video below, VRFocus has the first section of levels well in hand – and giving you the solutions should you get stuck. Towards the end of the video things do start to get a bit harder, trying out some new puzzles for the first time.

If you like your VR puzzles then Laser Puzzle isn’t a bad choice in the slightest. As ever, keep reading VRFocus for more gameplay videos of the latest VR titles.

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