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New Content Shoots On To Gunheart

Latest update to sci-fi co-op shooter introduced lots of PvP changes.

Developer Drifter Entertainment have been fairly conscientious about making sure players of its sci-fi co-operative shooter Gunheart still have plenty to do, being sure to keep the title regularly updated. That tradition continues with the announcement of its latest content update.

The latest update has introduced new three-star mission achievements, new enemy variants, several PvP updates and other new content on Steam Early Access which is suitable for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality devices.

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Gunheart is set in a universe where teleportation is commonplace and has enabled humanity to travel to new worlds. You play as a galactic bounty hunter who has been charged with putting down threats that emerge from the hidden corners of space.

With the new update, players will be able to track their progress by earning up to three stars in each mission by meeting certain criteria. The mission UI has also undergone a tweak to make it easier to navigate.

A wider number of enemy variants has been introduced, the Money Pump missions have had their difficulty upped, the enemy AI has been improved in several areas. If these new enemies overcome you, you’ll get to see the new death screen, featuring an animated beating heart.

The PvP system has also seen an overhaul, with Brawl now being fast-paced, and several changes to weapons such as alterations to how weapons pick up works in PvP and alterations to the spawn locations and timing for PvP weaponry.

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PvP players will now drop weapons upon death, and the general weapon balance has been changed, with different mods now on the weapons in PvP mode. Highlighting has been tuned to make it easier for players to spot rival players quickly.

The loot rewards have undergone some tuning to make it easier to see what you have won in the loot room, and money is now shares across all players.

A number of minor bug fixes and tweaks have also been applied. You can watch Drifter Entertainment Creative Director Brian Murphy and newcomer Executive Producer Hunter Hudspeth talk about the changes in the video below. VRFocus will continue to inform you on new and upcoming content in Gunheart.

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