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Evasion - PSVR Screenshot

New Screenshots Released For Evasion On PlayStation VR

Intense virtual reality first-person shooter action showcased in new screenshots.

Developer Archiact have released a number of new screenshots for their upcoming virtual reality (VR) title Evasion which was announced back in October 2017. The VR first-person shooter (FPS) is designed specifically for high intensity cooperative multiplayer combat putting players in the heart of intense, visual spectacles of virtual alien warfare.

Evasion - PSVR Screenshot

Following on from the recent announcement that the title will be coming to PlayStation VR alongside the release on PC for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, come a number of new screenshots for the PlayStation VR release. Easily described as a VR FPS bullet-hell of a shooter, Evasion will test players to act fast and shoot faster.

“Use your Tether Lash to snatch enemies out of the air and hurl them against buildings, snipe at targets from behind cover, or charge up your blaster and unleash a unique, class-specific Surge Attack. Evasion offers a myriad of ways to take down the Optera swarms.” Explains Archiact in their PlayStation VR annoucement. “Evasion invites you to jump in solo or team up to save an embattled human colony from swarms of invading Optera. PlayStation VR gamers will experience a campaign filled with intense action and AAA-graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4. Built for locomotion and featuring four unique playable classes, Evasion is the authentic FPS experience VR fans have been waiting for!”

Evasion - PSVR Screenshot

The power of the Unreal Engine 4 shows in how much is unfolding on screen at any given time within Evasion. From the colourful shoots and explosions that fill the environment to the designs of the enemies that attack the players. The world is full of interesting elements that will only help to support the gameplay and raise the level of enjoyment that players have.

Though the title is still some way off being release it is clear that the team at Archiact are having a lot of fun working on Evasion, making it the best title it can be. In a recent interview with VRFocus last month it was clear how much the team were commit to the title and Archiact even provided a guest article on the development of the enemies of Evasion.

Evasion - PSVR Screenshot

VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham got a chance to preview Evasion on the HTC Vive Pro saying: “The action is fast and fluid – very much like Halo – with a range of aerial and ground based enemies to deal with. Gun accuracy was spot on so that distance shots didn’t feel like a roll of the dice. And it was nice to see some destructible scenery, with enemies hiding behind concrete blocks that could be chipped away at.”

Evasion is still in development and a release is set for fall 2018 according to the official Steam store page. With a release on PlayStation VR and on PC with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive there will be plenty of ways for people to jump into the action once the title finally releases. For more on Evasion in the future, make sure to stay tuned to VRFocus for all the latest in the run up to release and beyond.

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