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ARK Park - DLC - Screenshot

New Screenshots Released For Upcoming ARK Park: Pterosaur Hill DLC

Yes, it is breathing fire.

Earlier this week it was announced by developer Snail Games that their virtual reality (VR) title ARK Park would be getting a free downloadable content (DLC) that will bring plenty of new and exciting elements to the dinosaur filled title. Now, a number of screenshots have been released giving players a chance to see the upcoming DLC for themselves.

ARK Park - DLC - Screenshot

The title was first launched back in March and since then players have been asking for more with the developers bring a number of updates to the title but the new DLC, dubbed Pterosaur Hill, will be the first large content update to the title and hopefully not the last. Some of the past updates that players might remember include the addition of a free locomotion update along with visual improvements. The team at Snail Games have expressed they are committed to ARK Park and in an interview with VRFocus not to long ago discussed their future plans for the title regarding content.

In the screenshots players get a look at the new content alongside some stunning environment shots. The developers have commented that the DLC is built around the concept of flight and will introduce three new maps. Mountain Lake: Offering a bird’s eye viewpoint of the area from a hot air balloon. Crystal Sky Lift: Which will give players a chance to “soar through the clouds” and Aviary, a location which will put players face-to-face with the Quetzalcoatlus – the largest prehistoric flying creature.

Elsewhere new weapons and items will be included and some of them can be seen in the gallery below. You will also notice a dinosaur that is indeed a skeleton. Snail Games seem to keen to keeping the tone of ARK Park: Pterosaur Hill in line with the rest of the title and that is going to be welcomed by players for sure. As mentioned the DLC is going to be free and set to release sometime in June, 2018. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the DLC, including its release date, in the future so make sure to stay tuned for more.

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