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Windows Mixed Reality

New Windows Mixed Reality And HoloLens Features Showcased In New Video

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman highlights the newest additions to both the mixed reality platform and HoloLens.

In the Windows 10 April 2018 update a number of new experiences were introduced including a number of additions to the Windows Mixed Reality platform and HoloLens. To help make things more clear to users, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman has highlighted a number of the new features that users will be able to take advantage of with with HoloLens or other Windows Mixed Reality headset after installing the newest version of Windows 10.

Windows Mixed Reality

First off, users will be able to have multiple login accounts for the same HoloLens device, making it easier to share a single device with multiple people. This is ideal of groups or business users who require the need for multiple users, allowing for a more streamlines sharing experience. With that in mind support has now been added to the HoloLens to support the Media Transport Protocol meaning files can be transfer to and from the device with ease via a connection cable and simple drag-and-drop.

A new “Research Mode” within HoloLens allows users to access more of the raw data from the devices senors, which can be key when developing new apps and experiences. This also plays into the next new feature which is a streamlined interaction for immersive and holographic experiences, making it simpler to place and size objects within the environment around the users. This in counterpart with the new “Research Mode” will ensure developers and content creators are able to ensure an accessible and functional control scheme and interface.

Windows Mixed Reality

Protocol support has been added to make it easier for 3D objects to be shared from a website to an experience on HoloLens. There is also now a new API for HoloLens which allows developers to set up 3D Launchers to animate as a user approaches or gazes at objects. This can be used to help direct the focus of a user to the functionality of an application, related to the product or surface they are looking at. Lastly, an early preview has been released for the upcoming support for user generated environments within Windows Mixed Reality.

There are sure to bring plenty of other exciting features added to the Windows Mixed Reality platform and HoloLens in the new update, but the above are the main ones worth noting. Elsewhere, Microsoft announced two new HoloLens applications at their Build 2018 conference in the form of Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout.

You can see the video featuring Mircosoft’s Alex Kipman below and for more on Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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