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Perception Neuron Pro

Noitom Reveals Perception Neuron PRO Motion Capture System

“We are always looking toward the future and thinking about what our audience might need next.”

If we were to mention to you the hardware company Noitom what you’ll most likely think of their virtual reality (VR) data gloves, the Hi5, designed to bring real-world hand interactions into VR experiences and whose development we’ve been tracking on VRFocus for some time. That isn’t, however, the full story when it comes to the Beijing-based business, which also has offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai and three American offices in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Miami.

The motion capture specialists have been hard at work developing a number of other projects for use in animation and film, robotics, MedTech applications as well as being used in videogames.  With one in particular being of note – Noitom’s mocap hardware Perception Neuron. Version 2.0 of which was released back in February at the same price as its predecessor but with many improvements and new accessories. Something that Noitom said at its launch would help to “future proof” the set-up, although also promising there was still much more to come as the company evolved on its ecosystem.

Noitom have now announced a new iteration, a professional version of the Perception Neuron, the Perception Neuron PRO. The new version is an IMU sensor-based system that can record motion data anywhere without any constraints to space and without the need for optical cameras. With Perception Neuron PRO being completely wireless and usable in any lighting condition – both indoors or out, without occlusion, cameras or line-of-site restrictions. Noitom describing the system as “a robust solution for professional filmmakers, animators, researchers and stage performers.”

Perception Neuron Pro“We are always looking toward the future and thinking about what our audience might need next,” Noitom International’s President, Roch Nakajima, said in a statement. “Perception Neuron PRO is aimed at creators seeking to capture intense motions for big-budget productions. PN PRO is designed to be a straightforward option for professional-level motion capture recording. Without optical cameras to set up, and without any limits to space and light, directors and animators can expect clean and accurate results that will match the scale of their project while saving on time and costs.”

Perception Neuron PRO is available to pre-order now on the product’s website for an ‘introductory’ price of $3,999 (USD) until mid-June after which pre-orders will be $4,499 (USD).

You can find specifications for the product below. For more information on the developments in technology related to the immersive sector, be sure to check back regularly with VRFocus.


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