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Oculus Rift

Oculus Events Comes to Oculus Rift, So you Know What’s Going on and When

Oculus Events are now available via the desktop app.

Depending on where you are in the world it can sometimes be difficult finding matches to your favourite multiplayer virtual reality (VR) titles if none of your mates are online. Oculus looked to help this process for mobile devices last year with Oculus Events, and now its doing the same for Oculus Rift in this month’s platform update.

Oculus Events - Rift

Events help you keep tabs on social and time-sensitive in-app activations like tournaments, meet-ups, and free weekends, plus you can see which Events your friends are interested in.

Oculus Events are easy to find via the desktop app. As the company explains in a blog posting: “From the latest version of the Oculus desktop app, scroll down to the “Events” section and select all to view all upcoming events. Click the star next to individual events to subscribe, and you’ll receive a desktop notification when it’s time to join or, if you’re already in VR, an in-headset notification.”

If you happen to own Oculus Go you’ll find the events listed under the ‘Events’ tab in the mobile app. As you can see from some of the titles in the above image, videogame events this month include cross-platform PvP title Wands, Eleven: Table Tennis VR, Brass Tactics and Dead and Buried. Videogames like Drop Dead are also on the way plus many more are planned.

At the moment a lot of these events are geared towards the US market, especially California. So for VRFocus and other UK-based gamers these times can be quite late. At present Wands is one of the best for decent European times, and hopefully more will become available in time.

With the launch of Oculus Go earlier this month, announced as part of the Facebook Developers Conference (F8), Oculus has entered a new VR era of standalone devices that don’t require a smartphone or PC. With a retail price of $199 USD/£199 GBP the entry level headset might just entice new consumers into VR, offering a simple and straight forward solution that’s all-in-one. As Oculus continues to improve its platform, VRFocus will keep you informed of the latest updates.

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