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Endless Crusade

Omnigames Release Endless Crusade Into Early Access

The latest title from the developers of Age of Heroes.

The developers behind Age of Heroes, a virtual reality (VR) combat title about fighting massive boss battles have released their latest title, Endless Crusade into Early Access. Made by Omnigames, this title will put players into a fantasy world where a devastating crisis is unfolding and it falls to the player to save the day.

Endless Crusade

Endless Crusade is in fact a remake of Age of Heroes, in which Omnigames hopes to build on the lessons they learned from making that title and build a bigger, better videogame the second time around. According to the developers, Age of Heroes was not as interesting as they had hoped and offered limited replay value. With Endless Crusade the team plans to address these issues and delver a knockout title.

Currently in Early Access and set to be for three to six months the team at Omnigames are planning to scale everything up by impressive values. Compares to Age of Heroes, the number of maps in Endless Crusade will be nine rather than three, with the number of enemy types being raised from eleven to fifty. This goal of expanding the title can also be found in the rebuild mage and archer classes which will handle better than ever and have had their skills redesigned from the ground up.

Endless Crusade

Players will need to pick a character, equip their skills and then set out on a mission to clear a level of countless enemies before than taking down a massive boss in an epic fight. If that is not enough to keep players interested then there will also be an endless challenge mode where players must survive against random combinations of enemies and maps. Scoring is available as well if players want to compete and earn a place on the worldwide leaderboard within the title.

The Early Access release sees two hero types avaiable to play with, each with seventeen skills that player can battle with in ten different locations. As the Early Access period progresses more will be added to the title ahead of the final release with Omnigames looking to collect suggestions from players on how to improve the title.

Endless Crusade is now available in Early Access with support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. The title is currently on Steam for £3.99 (GBP) and the developers have confirmed the price will raise as the development continues.

For all the latest on Endless Crusade in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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