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Over 108,000 Virtual Reality Experiences Have Been Created With IrisVR

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries have used IrisVR’s solution to create a lot of content.

The global leader for immersive design review and collaboration tools for Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries, IrisVR, have announced that over 108,000 virtual reality (VR) experience have been created by users across 105 countries in the past year.

This achievement has been made possible thanks to the companies Prospect software, which allows Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals a means to instantly create true to scale walkthrough of any 3D model. This means that stakeholders are able to experience a building before construction begins and see it in an immersive way. Since 2017 this has be done by firms including Ennead, Mortenson, SHoP and many more, leveraging Prospect to create and launch immersive design walkthroughs.

“IrisVR is a tool that gives us the ability to do something in the AEC world that we have never been able to do before; explore, refine, and explore again with full spatial understanding in an extremely compressed timeframe,” said Taylor Cupp, Project Solutions Technologies at Mortenson Construction.

So far 2018 has been a big year for the VR startup with the release of Prospect 2.0 in February, which introduced the ability to host collaborative design review meetings in VR. Powered by IrisVR’s proprietary Multiuser technology, Meetings allows for up to 12 individuals to come to join from anywhere in the world and experience a walkthrough of the same model together. More recently, IrisVR launched No Headset Mode as part of Prospect 2.1, which allows Meeting participants to join a walkthrough without a VR device.

“IrisVR provides the simplest and fastest solutions that I have found for stepping into a design during the early stages. The attention to detail that is paid to VR development fundamentals is also outstanding when compared to IrisVR’s peers. Being able to lock in the framerate with clear visual amenities so smoothly and seamlessly.” said Ben Steinert, Visualization Artist at pb2 architecture + engineering.

IrisVR’s Prospect is available to users through a subscription model that has a number of different models available to ensure that large firms can unlock the full potential of the software while giving small firms an affordable solution as well.

For more on IrisVR in the future, including their Prospect software, keep reading VRFocus.

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