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PlayStation VR Exclusive Animal Force Arrives Next Week

A tower defense style experience for strategy fans.

After Chinese developer ISVR made a surprise reveal in March for its PlayStation VR exclusive project Animal Force, today has seen the studio confirm the launch date, next Tuesday 22nd May.

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A tower defense videogame that been designed specifically for virtual reality (VR) and PlayStation VR’s particular features, Animal Force is a strategy title is about saving the world from alien invaders using super-powered animals.

Using these animals players have to learn each of their unique abilities to create a tactile and impenetrable defense. And if things get too intense then they can always get in on the action, grabbing a defender and going hand-to-hand thanks to PlayStation Move, whilst dodging and weaving their attacks.

And to make sure the VR immersion is held throughout ISVR has ensure are no immersion-breaking menus; Animal Force is purely real-time action throughout, so new forces and resources are all revealed through playing the experience.

Animal Force screenshot

The single-player campaign has seven stages to play through including boss fights. In addition to the main game and to make Animal Force more social the title has three local multiplayer mini-games. Supporting up to 3 additional players, all they’ll need is a DualShock4 controller. Try to find the hidden human players in Odd One Out, work together to rob the VR player in Steal the Statue, or pick up hapless humans and lead them to safety in Divide & Conga.

ISVR still has more to reveal ahead of launch next week so keep an eye out for further updates from VRFocus in the next few days.

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