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PlayStation VR Exclusive CoolPaintrVR Now Available

Sngular Entertainment release their immersive virtual reality painting application.

Being creative within virtual reality (VR) is something that many people enjoy and now PlayStation VR users can get in on the creative fun with the release of CoolPaintrVR. This new VR experience is designed to allow users an immersive drawing tool where they can take full advantage of the 3D space and large collection of brushes, primitive shapes, tubes, particles and other features to creature stunning works of art.


Developed by Sngular Entertainment and WildBit Studios, CoolPaintrVR is designed to rival the likes of applications such as Tilt Brush, offering a virtual space where artists can create 3D models from hand-drawn shapes with great detail and ease. The application also allows for models to have skeletons built into them which offer a chance for the objects to be manipulated, bone by bone, to create the ideal stance.

Users will find a range of tools and features available to them to create the ultimate work of art within virtual space. This includes the standard brush and shape tools which are ideal for building a base to a creation before bringing in some of the more advanced tools such as the Symmetry place, alternate colours that are randomly picked with each stroke, and of course the freedom to zoom, rotate and move around a creation. Once finished, users can then export their work to a USB stick and share it with the world.


One exciting feature about CoolPaintrVR is that it is able to capture the playtime of the user creating their work of art and export it as a 3D VR experience. This is possible thanks to the sophisticated 3D engine capable of maintaining stable 120FPS, resulting in smooth, accurate playback which is a motion sickness free experience.

CoolPaintrVR supports a range of languages including English, Spanish, French and German along with support for the PlayStation Move controllers, offering a more natural way of painting. The application does support the DualShock 4 controller but of course the range of motions will be limited compared to the Move controllers.

CoolPaintrVR is exclusively available on PlayStation VR via the PlayStation store and is available now for £15.99 (GBP). For all the latest on CoolPaintrVR in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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