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Porsche Live Look

Porsche Rolls Out AR Smartglasses For Vehicle Repairs

Porsche technicians will soon be able to use AR technology to assist repairs.

For personnel who work in areas such as maintenance and repair, having both hands available is pretty important. However, what if you need to call a specialist for some expert advice? At that point, you can either try and juggle phone, tools and components, or as automotive firm Porsche are doing, invest in some augmented reality (AR) technology to help.

Porsche are rolling out its ‘Tech Live look’ AR smartglasses technology to PCNA dealerships across the USA, which will allow local mechanics to connect with experts hundreds of miles away to get advice and directions.

Porsche Live Look

The system utilises the ODG (Osterhout Design Group) and R-7 smartglasses along with the AiR Enterprise software platform created by Atheer, Inc. This system allows service technicians who come across a complex or unusual problem on a Porsche vehicle can contact a remote expert, who will be able to see what the technician is seeing, and communicate information on how to proceed.

Remote technicians will even be able to use the AR technology to project schematics on to the local mechanics vision, or highlight a particular area or component, and send over documents for the mechanic to consult.

“Tech Live Look is the kind of digital innovation Porsche values because it raises the quality of the customer experience,” said Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA. “By solving issues faster, our dealer partners can get their customers back into cars with less disruption. And our overall service quality increases as we share expertise more efficiently between our experts and dealer technicians.”

Pilots fr the technology took place across 2017, with these initial trials showing that service times were reduced by 40%, which equates to a significant cost saving for the company.

Porsche Live Look

The smartglasses are said to cost $2,750 (USD) per pair, but most Porsche dealerships were keen to embrace the technology considering the advantages it presents.

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