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Puget Systems

Puget Systems Talk About Building Hardware Solutions For Virtual Reality

VRFocus spoke with Puget Systems at GTC 2018 about how the company delivers custom built machines to meet virtual reality needs.

Puget Systems are one of America’s leading providers in custom computers and workstations with a focus on building the best machines for clients to met their computing needs. At the recent GTC 2018, VRFocus’ Nina Salomons sat down with Wilson Chau, Customer Service Lead at Puget Systems to discuss the companies focus to deliver virtual reality (VR) ready solutions.

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During the discussion, Chau explains how a number of the companies clients come to them with either a hardware or a software need, which Puget Systems then works with them to find the right solution. This can range of building a machine capable of running a select piece of hardware, being VR ready or to be even used as a render machine. “We have a lot of clients who end up doing things like architectural design where they want to build up a house or an apartment and virtual walk into that building, so we help with all aspects of that.” Chau explains.

Once of the core aims for Puget Systems is to ensure that their clients creative and productive is empowered by their hardware and software solutions. Chau also explained that the company offer a number of support for the solutions as well offering their clients peace of mind, knowing that they are not only getting a solution that will work but is also supported by knowledgeable engineers.

Chau talks in length during the interview about one of the projects that the company got to work on in partnership with Utah State University. “One of the more recent project we’ve had was partnering up with Utah State University with their Powder Mountain Project, where they went out with drones and took pictures of a landscape up in Utah where they’re helping a developer build a snow resort and so they’ve mapped out this area, they put it in our program called Pix4D where it created a 3D model of the terrain and then using Google Tilt Brush, they are then able to put buildings and roads within the map and then put on the headset and kind of walk around the neighborhood and make sure, like make sure that building looks right and if it doesn’t look right they can then easily take that building, move it somewhere else and get readings of traffic, you know does that make sense where if we put a pedestrian walkway, you know does that line up with the shops and the buildings that are necessary.

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“So it was a really great project to work with them on that and it was really fun to be able to build a system for them to improve their workflow and allow them to then use a VR headset to go beyond just looking at a terrain and kind of figuring it out but instead really experience would it would be like being in that village” Chau continued.

Puget Systems focus more so on the hardware side of things, building the machines that their clients will use alongside testing the software that they use might need. The company preform a number of different tests to identify the best hardware for any given requirement and ensure they can give their clients the best solution to get the job done.

You can view the full interview below and for more on Puget Systems and VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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