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SuperData Report: 1.8m Oculus Go Devices To Be Sold Over Next Three Quarters

A new set of insights from SuperData Research predicts success for Oculus Go over next three quarters.

The release of the Oculus Go standalone headset is being singled out as a turning point for virtual reality (VR) and for immersive technology in general by some experts and analysts. SuperData Research have laid out a number of insights into what the immersive technology market can expect over the coming months.

SuperData Research have previously delivered forecasts and reports on the state of the VR, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) markets, and with the release of the Oculus Go, the firm is releasing some predictions on how the sector will shape up.

Stephanie Llamas, VP of Strategy and head of XR at SuperData Research has provided some of the insights into how things will develop, first predicting that the Oculus Go will sell 1.8 million devices over the next three quarters, with an expected surge during the run up to the Christmas season.

Llamas further predicts that location-based VR will have a big impact, as it is currently on track to hit $1billion (USD) in revenue by 2021. This figure includes theme park ticket sales from venues which include VR along with arcades, permanent installations and pop-up experiences. This figure matches other reports which are expecting location-based VR to see a significant rise in growth.

“XR will almost double this year largely as a result of the mobile AR space moving beyond Pokémon GO,” Llamas said, “With 80K ARKit applications cropping up and almost 60M users using those apps, Apple has provided a proof of concept that shows growth potential of the market. Games make will make up 80% of this years mobile AR revenue as that is where the clearest monetization model is. By 2021, we’ll see AR claim 17% of mobile games in-app sales, reaching $15.8B.”

Further information on SuperData Research work in the XR area can be found on its website. For further news and reports from the immersive technology market, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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