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DOOM VFR screenshot

Rip and Tear in DOOM VFR Gameplay Footage

Watch a powerful cyborg destroying some demons in today’s gameplay footage.

Its been out for a while, but still remains glorious fun. DOOM VFR was released in January 2018 on HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, to almost universal acclaim for critics. The title was another virtual reality (VR) success for Bethesda, alongside The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR. So here’s a reminder of the gameplay in this demon-hunting action shooter.

Instead of the traditional DOOM space marine, the player is instead thrust into the role of an unfortunate scientist who was killed in a demonic assault on the top-secret UAC base and subsequently takes control of a powerful cyborg body ready to destroy some demons.

DOOM VFR screenshot

Curiously, the player character is more than just a near-silent blank slate who spouts the occasional quip, and instead will narrate the ongoing action to provide with more depth to the character, in something of a departure for the franchise.

Of course the action is the main feature of DOOM VFR. There are a variety of weapons available, most of which reflect the 2016 DOOM release, so players will be able to pick their favourite instrument of destruction and death.

The Glory Kill mechanics has been altered, by necessity since porting it directly from DOOM 2016 would be a surefire way to get simulation sickness. Gameplay still contains plenty of bloody and viscera, enough to satisfy and hardcore DOOM fan.

DOOM VFR got top marks from VRFocus when it was reviewed, saying: “Ultimately DOOM VFR stands as a fine example of just what can be achieved with the FPS genre in VR as of today, lining-up against Robo Recall as an action-heavy experience that throws the rulebook out of the window. It’s true that the visual quality has suffered dramatically and the control systems could be seen as far too awkward by many, but the fact that DOOM VFR pushes so hard against the VR grain makes it well worth any PlayStation VR owner’s time and money.”

DOOM VFR screenshot

The full gameplay video can be viewed below. Keep checking back with VRFocus for more gameplay footage along with news and features from the VR industry.

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