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RUSH Dives On To Oculus Rift

Wingsuit racing title RUSH has been released for Oculus Rift.

If you have ever wished to take to the skies supported only by a thin layer of fabric to take part in one of the ultimate daredevil sports, then RUSH is the title you have been searching for. The virtual reality (VR) wingsuit racing title has been thrilling users on Samsung Gear VR for some time, and is now set to provide that adrenaline boost for Oculus Rift users, too.

The extreme sports title was originally released on to Samsung Gear VR in May 2017, where it was positively received for its fast-paced and intense action.

The Binary Mill Studio Director Ingmar Lak spoke on the Oculus Blog about creating RUSH and the feedback the developers had received as well as how the title was changed for its move on to the Oculus Rift.

Asked about how the title had been received, Lak said: “The reaction has been overwhelming. For most of us, wingsuiting is a whole new experience. With RUSH, it seems we’ve captured the sensation of soaring down a cliff at breakneck speed. The community has really responded to it, and we’ve gotten a thumbs-up from a few experienced wingsuiters, so we feel like we’ve done our job.”

With regards to optimising RUSH for the Oculus Rift: “We spent months refining flight controls to maximize the use of the controllers. The added immersion afforded by Touch really takes the game to new heights—pardon the pun. They allow a level of control and precision that adds more skill to the game, and the fact your arms are now closely mimicking the act of real wingsuiting adds so much to the experience.”

Lak says the team even added some new features to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities on the Oculus Rift: “We created a completely dynamic weather system for RUSH on Rift—from full real-time day/night cycles (you’ll see the sun rise or set as you race down the mountain) to comprehensive rain, snow, and even full-blown thunderstorms. If you’re brave enough, you can take a jump at midnight in a thunderous storm. It really takes wingsuiting to the next level!”

RUSH is available for Oculus Rift through the Oculus Store, priced at £14.99 (GBP). VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest on new and upcoming VR experiences.

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