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Skonec Opens VR Square in South Korea After Successful Seoul VR AR Expo

During the expo’s 4 days the event had over 24,000 visitors attend.

South Korean virtual reality (VR) developer Skonec has continued its push into the location-based entertainment (LBE) sector by launching its VR Square arcade initiative in Seoul last month.

Skonec VR Square

During April Skonec attended and sponsored the Seoul VR AR Expo, showcasing the latest content for VR Square which included newly revealed titles Operation Black Wolf: Battle of The Desert, Dark Tale Heroes, and Mortal Blitz Legacy, alongside its first VR experience Mortal Blitz.

Whilst the VR Square attraction at the Expo looks fairly large (image below) this was in fact a mini version, to showcase Skonec videogame titles and B2B VR experiences: VR Shopping mall and VR medical training. Also shown for the first time publicly was Skonec’s new LED marker system for its free-roaming VR Walking Attraction, helping further improve multiple user tracking.

During the expo’s 4 days the event had over 24,000 visitors attend; with Skonec demoing to over 1,000 of those visitors.

Skonec VR Square

Off the back of this success Skonec has now opened its first VR Square location in the center of Seoul, Hong-dae. As one of the biggest urban VR theme parks in Korea, it covers over 1,700m2 across 5 floors. In addition to this opening the company plan on adding a further 2-3 more VR Square’s in Korea over the course of this year.

At present Skonec’s VR Square Walking Attraction locations are currently only based and planned for the Asian market. Western VR players can still see the studios’ handy work in action via Mortal Blitz for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. In the experience you play a special agent finding themselves trapped in a secret research facility. Using an assortment of weapons, including environmental objects, you need to fight through Teratoma mutants whilst searching for a means of escape. As further details about VR Square are released VRFocus will keep you updated.

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