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SUPERHOT Developers Potentially Working On New VR Experience

Team Superhot development lead suggests an ‘evolution’ of SUPERHOT VR might be on its way.

Starting life as a humble browser-based videogame before graduating up the ranks to become a fully-fledged immersive virtual reality (VR) experience, SUPERHOT VR has been praised extensively for its innovation and style, now it seems there might be more to come from the development team behind the title.

A recent interview with Team Superhot development lead Piotr Iwanicki seems to suggest that he and his team are currently working on an ‘evolution’ of SUPERHOT VR, and that this mysterious project have VR as a major influence.


Iwanicki was speaking to Destructoid about the chances of a sequel to the popular VR shooter, and how his expectations of what can be produced now have been raised.

“This is something that really didn’t click in Superhot VR because the animations were all made for a 2D game and it was kind of hacked together to be a VR game,” Iwanicki said. “It’s a hack, it’s not like an animation system that was designed from the ground up. There’s some legacy from the flat-screen version. What we’re developing now is making an even more core VR experience.”

This of course doesn’t confirm that the team are working on a brand new VR title, but it does suggest that interest in developing for VR is being maintained. When asked about how much of an influence VR had one the team at the moment, Iwanicki said that VR remained a huge part of the work the studio was doing.

Iwanicki also expressed his interest in the new standalone headsets coming to market, such as the HTC Vive Focus and the Oculus Go and how such devices simplify the VR experience: “More devices are coming. I’m especially fond of all the ideas for standalone devices. You just buy one thing and it works. That’s an interesting product. So we need a standalone device with hand controllers and room-scale tracking.”

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For news on future VR developments from Team Superhot, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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