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Tigra Live Animations To Showcase AR Solution At 2018 Book Expo America

The one-stop source for creating custom augmented reality experience for education and entertainment.

Tigra Live Animations, partnered with Kiev-based company Live Animations, have revealed that they will be showcasing the augmented reality (AR) technology that has taken the publishing industry by storm at the 2018 Book Expo America from May 31st through June 1, 2018. The driving force behind the newly release Little Hippo Book series, Tigra Live Animations takes advance of the latest cutting-edge AR technology to revolutionize reading for the next generation.

2018 Book Expo America

With over three years of experience and countless international products, Tigra Live Animations brings animated characters to life in immersive, interactive adventures for both Android and iOS devices. Users of all ages can enjoy seeing their favourite print material come to life in exciting AR as it furthers the learning experience along with helping to build a relationship with technology in a positive way. Tigra Live Animations are committed to being at the forefront of AR technology, specializing in the integration of digital information into everyday experiences.

“Tigra Live Animations has added a whole new experience to our books. Incorporating AR and story time has opened a whole new world of possibilities for today’s little ones. This technology can be used to educate, and even entice, the most reluctant young readers. Tigra’s team possesses an unmistakable talent and creativity, combined with a true passion for new technology.” Said Layla McGrath, Spokeswoman for Little Hippo Books.

Elsewhere, Tigra Live Animations aims to position their solutions as an effective marketing tool over that of traditional paper marketing campaigns, referencing Children’s toy studies which found AR campaign have an increased length of time that parents spend interacting with each advertisement by over 70 seconds. Products with an AR advertising campaign are estimated to be at a higher retail value that those without, and Tigra Live Animations’s one-stop source for custom AR that not only enhances a product, but also acts as an invaluable marketing tool, make it the right choice for many companies.

The company will be showcasing their solution and how it can be a benefit to companies at the 2018 Book Expo America show and VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Tigra Live Animations in the future, so stay tuned for more. You can also see a short video of the teams at Tigra Live Animations working on AR products below.

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