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Toshiba dynaEdge AR SmartGlasses

Toshiba AR Smartglasses Utilities Comes to Windows 10

Toshiba partners with Ubimax to bring dynaEdge smartglasses to Windows 10.

Toshiba recently launched its enterprise-focussed smartglasses system, the dynaEdge DE-100 and AR100 Viewer, becoming a solution for companies who are seeking to become one of a growing list who are utilising augmented reality (AR) technology for business use. Toshiba have now announced that new capabilities for the dynaEdge solution will be ported to Windows 10.

The new capabilities are being delivered through Toshiba’s partnership with Ubimax, which will allow new workflow modules, xMak, xInspect and xAssist to be ported to the Windows 10 platform, allowing to dynaEdge smartglasses system to run on Windows 10.

Toshiba dynaEdge AR SmartGlasses

The dynaEdge smartglasses solution has been designed to let front-line workers perform tasks more efficiently by being able to access additional information in a hands-free way and thus attain better efficiency and productivity.

The three new modules are xMake, which brings instructions into line-of-sight of employees for use on assembly lines or during quality assurance. The xInspect module gives employees hands-free access to information such as checklists and circuit diagrams for service and maintenance tasks while xAssist lets workers on the floor connect with a live remote expert for specialised assistance.

“We are seeing significant interest in smart glass solutions for business use, with 82% of organisations saying they plan to deploy this technology within the next three years. Yet many are stuck at the proof of concept stage because of bottlenecks around security, reliability and infrastructure standardisation,” said Maki Yamashita, Senior Vice President, PC & Solutions EMEA, Toshiba Europe GmbH, “Such challenges are removed by our Windows 10-based solution, while the fruits of our partnership with Ubimax are now also enabling us to take smart glass functionality to new levels within the enterprise.”

“The arrival of smart glass solutions running on the Windows platform has sparked genuine excitement among our customers and partners,” said Jan Junker, Chief Commercial officer, Ubimax. “We’re proud to be leading the way, alongside Toshiba, in delivering game-changing smart glasses solutions for the work place. We are confident that the availability of our frontline solutions on Toshiba’s dynaEdge platform will prove instrumental in driving further uptake and growth in this area.”

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