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TPCAST Partners With Schenker Technologies For Distributing Multi-User Wireless VR in Europe

Schenkey Technologies will act as euopean distributor for the TPCAST Wireless Adaptor Business Edition.

It was reported earlier this year that TPCAST were working on a business edition of its wireless virtual reality (VR) system. The company has now announced that the business edition will be distributed in Europe by German-based firm Schenker Technologies.

The TPCAST Wireless Adapted Business Edition has been designed for enterprise and industry customers and is capable of offering 2K video quality at less than 2ms latency, and is capable of supporting multiple users simultaneously.

VR has already proved to be valuable in industrial and commercial settings which involves complex processes and systems, as it allows for collaboration between colleagues who might be continents apart, and the TPCAST wireless system provides additional flexibility for the set-up of such collaborative VR systems.

Schenker Technologies previously acted as a distributor for the TPCAST Consumer Edition of the wireless adaptor and is now expanding its portfolio with the new business edition. The company will be providing support for business customers in implementing the TPCAST business edition with its own full-service XR agency, OVERLAB.

“We are exited to expand our successful partnership with Schenker Technologies as a distribution expert for our wireless virtual reality solutions in order to provide VR users in commercial settings a unique, truly immersive experience to multiple VR users without being tethered to a stationary PC”, said Reiner Pes, General Manager EMEA, TPCAST B.V.

The business edition of the TPCAST wireless adaptor currently supports the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), with plans for support for other HMD devices to be added in Q3 of 2018. The TPCAST business edition wireless adaptor allows for one to four users in one zone, and five or more users in connected zones, while still preserving a latency of under 2ms.


Further information is available on the TPCAST website. Future news on TPCAST and other VR hardware and software will continue to be covered here on VRFocus.

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