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TSA Frisky Has Something To Declare – It’s Out Now On Steam

A TSA agent’s work is, seemingly, never done…

Before we begin, can you please remove any metal objects on your person and place them in the tray provided. Step forward – this may be difficult if you’re currently seated reading this. Now hold out your arms like so as we give you a thorough pat down. Did you pack this web browser yourself? You did? Okay…

TSA FriskySorry about that, but you can never be too careful. Who knows what people might be smuggling in to the website. Spam comments, narcotics, undeclared Jack Daniels for the Editor, that whale from the Magic Leap demo – whatever happened to that anyway?

Out There Entertainment have just launched their virtual reality (VR) videogame TSA Frisky onto Steam. Something akin to the lovechild of Papers, Please and Job Simulator, in TSA Frisky you take on the role of a airport security operative. Tasked with the hardest thing your life can throw at you – surviving your own shift.

In order to progress in your career, you’ll need to prove that you are the very best TSA agent there is. And the only way to do that is be effective at all the different tasks you need to juggle. You’ve got to manage the lines so passengers are not kept waiting too long, check their luggage for anything that doesn’t meet the strict and seemingly ever-changing guidelines. Frisk the passengers to make sure they’ve not concealed any contraband on themselves and then send them on their way with a TSA stamp of approval.

It’s a tough and stressful job, the sort that makes you want to hide away in your office and down some illicit booze you confiscated. After all you do have some leisure time, but you wouldn’t do that. Right?

The title is available now on Steam for £10.25 (GBP), 10% off the regular price of £11.35/$14.99 (USD) until May 24th. VR support is given on Steam to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality range of headsets. We’ll have more Steam related news very soon, here on VRFocus.

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