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TV Streaming From Within VR with Oculus TV

Oculus and Facebook announced unified VR app for streaming TV content.

Streaming video services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are incredibly popular, with many people choosing to spend long periods of time binging on a compelling TV series such as Stranger Things or Game of Thrones. At F8 today, Oculus announced that it would be bringing that experience into virtual reality (VR) with Oculus TV.

Oculus TV allows users to enter a VR environment that is like an expansive virtual living room, complete with an expansive virtual screen to display your favourite shows.

The visual controls have been specially designed to work well from within VR, so no need to blindly fumble for your remote. Like many other social VR apps, Oculus TV has been created to let people join a shared virtual space and enjoy the content together.

The streaming service is still in relatively early phases and isn’t quite ready for launch. When it does become available, Facebook Watch, Red Bull TV and Pluto TV will all be integrated, so viewers will be able to enjoy things such as the extreme sports events presented by Red Bull.

The app will serve as a launch area for other VR entertainment apps, such as Netflix, and the new ESPN+ subscription service will also launch through Oculus TV, as will Showtime’s streaming service, Showtime anytime.

The app is due to launch later on in May, though a full lit of content partners has yet to be revealed. Oculus has been making an effort towards creating non-videogame concert, and has announced an app called Oculus Venues in a similar vein to Oculus TV.

Oculus Venues is geared towards live events such as comedy nights, live concerts and sporting events, partnering with companies such as NextVR who have worked with a huge variety of sporting events, including the NBA, NFL and WWE. Live concerts are also planned for streaming in partnership with Live Nation.

For further news on Oculus VR content and news from F8, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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