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uSens Discuss Their Solutions For Handtracking, Augmented Reality and Smart Cars In Interview

VRFocus spoke to uSens about their numerous product solutions from AI powered handtracking to their uSensAR platform.

As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) continues to develop new and exciting applications, uSens are focusing their efforts on bring the technologies to wider audiences with their product solutions. VRFocus’ Nina Salomons recently got to speak with William McCormick, US Head of Marketing Manager at uSens about their developments and how they are enabling these technologies on more devices.

Though platforms such as ARCore allow for a large number of devices to take advantage of the technology and experience limitless AR possibilities, not all devices are supported. This is where companies such as uSens are making waves with products such as uSensAR. This platform allows for over 2 billion Android devices to take become AR compatible thanks to the single camera AR engine that is optimized for low-end devices and camera. While ARCore brings support to over 100 million devices, uSens is working with developers and content creators to ensure that low-end devices can enjoy the same experiences. During the interview McCormick showcases the technology on a number of low-end devices and compares it to a higher-end device, to explain how the company have been able to bring the same results to more devices.

It is in this technology that uSens are also developing their other solution to expand on the VR and AR experience by means of single-camera handtracking. This includes their hardware solution of Fingo which is a stereo camera hardware product that can be integrated with a number of popular development tools including the Unity Engine, offering a physical solution to handtracking for consumers. The Fingo offers six degrees of freedom (6DOF) but is a good way for consumers to add handtracking to their head-mounted display (HMD).

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Elsewhere, uSens offer 26DOF which is powered by computer vision and deep learning algorithms to give users a means to control AR and VR environments all with their hands. McCormick gives a number of examples of the way this solution, along with the Fingo, can be used to create memorable moments that further enhance the user experience. This solution has also been used with smart cars, which McCormick explains more on in the interview, offering users the same 26DOF all within their car to control applications and interface elements all with just a wave of the hand.

The future is bright for uSens and McCormick explains that the companies SDK is continuing to come together to allow for developers to easier tap into each of the companies solutions. This includes the handtracking, single-camera AR engine for wide device usage and the 26DOF.

For more on uSens in the future keep reading VRFocus and you can watch the full interview below.

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