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VR Charades Title Puppet Fever Adds Mixer Integration

Developer Coastalbyte Games has added several other improvements to the experience.

A few weeks ago indie developer Coastalbyte Games released its first virtual reality (VR) title for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, an experience based on the popular game of charades, combining it with some VR puppetry. This week has seen the team release the first update for Puppet Fever since its Early Access launch, adding Mixer integration alongside several other improvements. 

Puppet Fever IndianaJones

With videogame streaming being so popular the addition of Mixer compatibility means that Mixer streamers can view their audience’s chat in game and even receive guesses from the audience (although emotes aren’t supported just yet). Also looking to make those livestreams even smoother, there’s now a dedicated Puppet Master mode that does away with player swapping.

All the other additions are smaller tweaks and improvements:

– Expanded options in game setup.
– Feedback on some menu buttons.
– Tweaked scaling of some puppets.
– More frequent intermissions during long games.
– Added additional info signs regarding controllers.
– Changed the font on info signs in order to improve readability in VR.

Puppet Fever inside

Puppet Fever is designed as a local party game where the VR player has to describe a word or phase using a selection of items as if they were creating a puppet show. While the rest then have to guess what the hell the VR player is trying to illustrate.

There’s a massive range of objects to choose from, human characters that can be dressed up and animated, animals, landscape items like mountains and water to set the scene alongside smaller items like tables, food, guns, spaceships and much more.

VRFocus previewed the title, commenting that: “Puppet Fever has all the makings of an enjoyable social VR experience, banding people together in competition. It’s certainly a promising concept and one that VRFocus would definitely like to see expanded further for when it’s office party time.”

Puppet Fever can be downloaded from either the Oculus Store or from Steam. For any further updates on the experience, keep reading VRFocus.

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