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VRgineers On 5K Virtual Reality And The VRHero 5K

Martin Holecko from VRgineers discusses the VRHero 5K, Leap Motion and future products.

Virtual reality (VR) standalone head-mounted displays (HMDs) continue to take advantage of the latest technologies and VRgineers have created a 5K VR headset aimed at professional use. VRFocus’ Nina Salomons sat down with Martin Holecko, co-founder at VRgineers, to talk about this headset titled the VRHero 5K.

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In the interview Holecko also explains how VRgineers are working closely with Leap Motion to build integrated hand tracking into the next generation HMD from the company. Though the HMD can be used with controllers the freedom that comes from hand movement is much more accessible and helps with user immersion. Holecko notes that so long as that required hand movement is not too complex, there is no problem with using this form of interaction.

They are also looking to reduce the size of the unit to allow for a smaller form factor, along with keeping the optics at the highest possible resolution. Though Holecko does not reveal to many details he mentions that the companies next HMD is in development and should be along sometime before the end of the year. Feedback from users, as Holecko mentions, has been very positive so far which many impressed and happy with the resolution that the VRHero 5K delivers to users.

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The quality of the optics is the main focus for VRgineers and Holecko stresses how important it is to deliver this promise of high resolution VR. Industries such as architecture and manufacturing are keen to take advantage of the technology and use the higher levels of detail to help with collaboration and user experiences.

Elsewhere, the VRHero 5K is a perfect fit for the simulation market as Holecko explains there is no need to lean in close to read the finer details as the optics and wider field of view allow users to feel much more immersed in the moment, creating a more believable environment. With such detail able to be delivered to the user the applications for the VRHero 5K are almost endless.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the VRHero 5K Plus in the future so make sure to stay tuned for more. You can watch the interview with Martin Holecko in full below.

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