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VR’s Path: How Businesses Are Benefiting From VR

A report and infographic from Fullestop gives an idea as to how different industries are getting involved with VR.

Though the majority of attention is devoted towards entertainment and videogames when it comes to virtual reality (VR), but there is a huge number of different use cases for the technology, as a report and infographic compiled by web service company Fullestop has shown.

Fullestop is a web design and web solutions company that has created a close relationship with Microsoft to work on several projects of various sizes. The company has gathered a great deal of information from its clients and competitors to shed some light on how VR is affecting businesses.

The infographic shows some of the examples of how use of VR has improved business for various companies. One example is the Marriott hotel chain, which began offering VR room service and VR ‘postcards’, resulting in 51% customers surveyed wishing they had stayed at Marriott hotel more.

Similarly, travel company Thomas Cook offered a VR flyover of the Manhattan skyline, resulting in a 40% return on investment and a 190% increase in New York City excursions. Other reports have shown that the market in VR is set to undergo significant growth, with some forecasts indicating it will reach $30 billion in revenue by 2020. The number of active 171 million by the end of 2018.

While some have been skeptical about the level of adoption for VR, the Fullestop data suggests that adoption rates are fairly positive, with 81% of people finding VR interesting enough to speak to friends about it, and 66% of people interested in VR for shopping and 53% of adults giving preference to brands that offer VR functionality.

Data gathered by Fullestop shows that a large number of industries and sectors are interested, including areas such as Live Events, Travel and tourism, movies, home design, education and videogames. Live events and travel in particular are showing significant interest in the technology.

The full infographic is available to view below. VRFocus will be sure to keep you informed on other developments and reports from the VR and immersive technology industry.

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