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Worlds at War

Worlds at War Multi-Vehicular Mayhem Comes to Oculus Store

The experience is currently in Early Access.

Last week indie developer Muddy Pixel released its first virtual reality (VR) title via Steam Early Access, Worlds at War. The action packed, vehicle-based experience has now arrived on Oculus Store, saving Oculus Rift owners a little bit of cash in the process.

Worlds at War

A purely single-player experience, Worlds at War puts you in the aftermath of an alien invasion – rather than at the start like most. As part of what’s left of a small carrier group left to roam the oceans – as presumably everyone else has been wiped out – it’s up to you and your crew to continue the fight, using the pilotable aircraft, helicopters and boats that are still left.

Using one of these three vehicles you need to protect the carrier group from an onslaught of alien attacks, learning how best to use each of their specialist features to prevail. In its current early access form Worlds at War has the three vehicles to use in the main horde mode plus a free flight mode to get used to their handling characteristics.

As development continues Muddy Pixel has plans to add a couple of levels, aircraft, enemies and weapons to expand the gameplay. “Visually it is nearly finished, though the UI lacks some polish. Mainly the game needs some more variety, which is where your feedback comes in,” notes the team.

Worlds at War

The studio is open about the comfort of the experience, saying that: “This is an intense experience, with smooth movement and rotation of player-camera. Stay in external views if you are sensitive to VR-nausea. If you are very sensitive, this may not the game for you in VR.”

Worlds at War is available through Early Access Oculus Store for £12.99 GBP, and it’s worth noting the title only supports a gamepad, not Oculus Touch. On Steam the vidogame also support HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, retailing for £13.49. For any further update to Worlds at War, keep reading VRFocus.

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