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1MORE Unveil Head-Tracking Gaming Headphones at E3

Audio company 1MORE want to enhance the audio experience for immersive videogaming.

Sound is an important and underappreciated aspect of the videogaming experience. Music and sound design can make a big difference to the atmosphere and feel of a videogame, particularly within virtual reality (VR). Recognising this, audio company 1MORE have announced a new line of gaming headphones designed for immersive experiences.

1MORE announced its Bluetooth in-ear Gaming Headphones (VR BT) and the Spearhead VRX Gaming Over-Ear headphones (VRX) featuring Waves Nx head-tracking technology at E3 2018.

1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones Featuring Waves Nx® Head Tracking Technology (PRNewsfoto/1MORE)
1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones Featuring Waves Nx® Head Tracking Technology (PRNewsfoto/1MORE)

The VRX model is aimed at hardcore gamers and fans of immersive experiences such as high-end VR while the VR BT is designed to bring the same quality of audio experience to mobile videogames.

The Waves Nx technology uses head-tracking to follow the movement of the listener using virtual room emulation and immerse them in a sound environment that makes them feel they are within the videogame experience.

The company believes that movements, both intention and unintentional, form a critical part of the audio experience and so considers the way that most headphones handle sound to be akin to a pair of glasses that only shows you a fixed image.

“The Spearhead VRX Gaming Over-Ear Headphones are the latest and greatest effort by 1MORE to continue to deliver superior sound to its consumers with innovation and value,” says 1MORE Co-Founder Frank Lin. “The VRX deliver the goods and represents our dedication to bringing not only excellent features but the ultimate sound to your gaming experience,” he added.

1MORE Logo (PRNewsfoto/1MORE USA)

The VR BT headphones feature a 35-foot connectivity range and low latency along with real-time sound reproduction and a 10-minute fast charging time. The in-ear headphones also feature customisable LED lighting and Environmental Noise Cancelling, which is also available in the over-ear VRX.

The VRX will be available from August 2018 on Amazon and the 1MORE website, priced at $249.99 (USD). The VR BT is set for a Q4 2018 release and is planned to retail at $89.99. Further information can be found on the 1MORE website.

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