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A Taste of the Action in Gunheart

A glimpse into how sci-fi FPS Gunheart works and plays.

Science fiction has become something of a go-to setting for action first-person shooter titles. Perhaps the vast, unknowable nature of the universe makes it attractive to explore, or perhaps it is the idea that there might be hostile aliens out there we can shoot without feeling guilty. Whatever it is, space is the setting for Gunheart from Drifter Entertainment.

Today’s gameplay video begins in a central hub known by the name of ‘Event Horizon’. This is the place where players can check out their equipment, and buy new guns and other paraphernalia that can make you even more dangerously effective.

Gunheart screenshot

In Gunheart, the player takes the role of a galactic bounty hunter, with your missions coming with a target and a cash reward. Money appears to be the driving motivation for your character, as all that high-tech equipment comes with a hefty price tag.

Some of the guns can be combined to make even bigger and more terrifying guns by simply bringing the motion controllers closer together, causing the two parts to click together to form this powerful handheld cannons.

The weapons can be upgraded with various mods, like rapid reloaders or sniper scopes, and special bullet types like hollow points are up for purchases as well. All these settings can be controlled from within this central hub.

The missions are accessed from a map which bares a resemblance to a transit map like you might find in the London underground. Once a job is selected, you are teleported to the correct location to begin.

Gunheart screenshot

In addition to the single player campaign, PvP is also available and can be selected from the mission map. There are several PvP modes available, including the ‘Brawl’ free-for-all. Mastering certain weapons in PvP mode will unlock them for purchase in the main campaign.

The Gunheart gameplay video is available to view below. For further coverage of new and upcoming VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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