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Action-Puzzle Title Orb Labs Inc Coming Soon To Steam

Explore a dangerous secret lab using the mysterious Orbs to avoid deadly traps.

Mysterious underground laboratories very rarely lead to anything good in videogames. This trend continues in upcoming virtual reality action-puzzle title Orb Labs, Inc, which begins with the player character being summoned to a secret lab by an anonymous message. What can possibly go wrong?

Orb Labs, Inc is the work of independent developer Next Friday Interactive, and primarily the brainchild of a virtual reality (VR) researcher at a German University named Sebastian Freitag.

The title involves the player arriving at the site of a mysterious underground science lab where strange experiments have been conducted, and odd weaponry developed. You will quickly discover that the complex is protected by complex and deadly lasers that will fry any intruder.

Fortunately, the lab has produced the Orbs, which you can to turn the weaponry of the labs against its masters. Using the various properties of the Orbs, players will need to sneak through the complex and discover the truth about Orb Labs, Inc and what they have been up to.

The Orbs act not only as a tool and weapon, but also your movement, as you throw them to teleport around the lab complex and avoid dangerous situations that can get you killed. The various puzzles you will face can be solved in a variety of ways, so players can suit the method that best suits their play style.

The main campaign will come with over five hours of playable content, and there will be a Challenge Mode where players will be able to compete to see who can find the most efficient route through the lab.

Orb Labs, Inc is compatible with the HTC Vive. For users with an Oculus Rift, though the platform is not officially supported, users who have 360-degree tracking and the Oculus Touch controllers will be able to play.

The title is set to launch on Steam on the 11th June, 2018. Further information can be found on the Steam Store page. As usual, VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest on new and upcoming VR titles.

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