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Adult Web Virtual Reality Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Customizable Adult Avatars

New platform promises to make adult entertainment more personal.

With virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) continuing to be adopted into the adult entertainment industry, Adult Web Virtual Reality (AWVR) have revealed plans to that the experience to a whole new level. They plan to release a customizable adult entertainment platform and to do so AWVR have launched an Indiegogo campaign to gain support from users.

Adult Web Virtual Reality

The platform will allow a user to create their ideal virtual avatar before entering one of many virtual clubs and interacting with them at their own pace. Users will have control over a wide range of features to create their partner ranging from changing basic changes such as height, weight, hair colour down to small details such as the shape and size of the avatars lips, nose, breast/chest, with some options available to customize the genitalia of the avatar also.

“Not everyone can experience a personalized fantasy on an everyday basis, but within AWV Reality you can. Build your ultimate avatar, take him or her to our clubs and create your own customizable experience. Most importantly, based on our proprietary algorithm, you can convert them to full flesh, online interactions. This means your fantasies become Virtual Reality!” The team writes on their Indiegogo page.

AWVR note as well that their platform can be used in conjunction with a number of other products including toys, wearables, and VR headsets to offer the ultimate adult entertainment experience. They note however that the platform is not just about personal desire but also about the opportunity to allow for sexual empowerment. “This is a platform meant for everyone.” They write on the Indiegogo page: “This is for those who want to explore, educate, and experience, with complete anonymity. We are looking for those joining our campaign to help us shape the platform, establish interest in new clubs, create new ideas and make the interaction as custom to the end-user as possible.”

Adult Web Virtual Reality

AWVR are looking for $500,000 (USD) to help fund the development and launch of this new adult entertainment platform, with a number of backer tiers and rewards available. The lowest amount to back is $25 and is for a three month unlimited access to the product, along with a 5% discount in the store. Those feeling very supportive can go up to $750 for a lifetime membership with 20% discount in the store or jump to $2,500 for the ‘Red Carpet Access’. Which allows unlimited lifetime membership and plenty of other bonuses. You can find the Indiegogo campaign here but take note, it is not safe for work.

That is not all though, as a spokesperson from AWVR revealed to virtual reality reporter in an interview, as the company plans to leverage the product for education: “This platform will not only support respectful adult entertainment but will also give the user an opportunity to experience a social and sexual environment that they are never excluded from,” the spokesperson comments: “Additionally, the platform will be set up for sexual education based on an algorithm, so that the content is directed at the correct audience. This platform is meant to make porn personal and sex less taboo.”

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on AWVR in the future and more on the adult entertainment industry uses of VR technology.

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