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Antycip Simulation Announce Completion of VR Room at University of Lille

New immersive facility at French university has been opened to offer new research potential.

Antycip Simulation has already worked on several virtual reality (VR) simulation rooms, some of which have been created for educational institutions. The latest is located in La Plaine Image in France and is called The Open Reality Experience or TORE.

TORE has been described by Antycip Simulation as an immersive tool for those who are working and conducting research in the area, and is designed to bring together various disciplines such as social sciences, design and history.

The TORE facility was first begun at the University of Lille and is hosted within the Imaginarium building, a place aims to bring together innovative companies, research laboratories and artistic projects.

The company and the university where it has been installed hope that the TORE VR room will aid in developing new immersive 3D experiences for breakthrough research, particularly in the areas of Visual Sciences and Culture.

The TORE facility is characterised by its shape, which is bent in such a way as to avoid any sharp edges. Yann Coello, director of the SCALab laboratory and coordinator of the Equipex IrDIVE described the facility thusly: “Imagine a screen in a half-sphere shape, flattened at both poles. Place it on a two-floor superstructure; pair it with 20 high-brightness stereoscopic projectors; add immersive sound and … voilà! TORE is a world’s first that propels users in a fully immersive 3D virtual space.”

Olivier Colot, the CRIStAL laboratory director added, “TORE represents a major scientific breakthrough for both scientists and technologists, enabling them to benefit from a totally innovative visualisation space that goes beyond the capacities of an immersive CAVE; it is also a fantastic tool for SMEs who are working on consumer VR applications as it provides them with a new technology tool to experience VR beyond traditional VRH devices.”

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