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Apex Construct Key Art

Apex Constuct for PlayStation VR hits Retail Stores in Europe

US customers will have to wait until July for a physical version.

Having launched the digital version of Apex Construct earlier this year for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, developer Fest Travel Games in collaboration with Perp Games have announced the physical copy launch for PlayStation VR owners in Europe.

Confirmed to be happening back in April, the boxed PlayStation VR version is available across Europe at all major retail stores including GameStop, GAME and Amazon today. The price is the same as the for the digital version, with most retailers listing the game for €29.99 EUR/$29.99 USD.

The first virtual reality (VR) title from Fast Travel Games, Apex Construct puts players in a futuristic world full of synthetic creatures, caught in a conflict between to rival AI’s. Progressing through the adventure, players will gradually reveal what actually happened to the world they once knew, aided by their trusty bow. This upgradable bow, arrow & shield setup is their only offense/defense in this twisted world.

This week also saw an update released for the videogame. Called Cygnia Cup Challenge, this adds a competitive edge to Apex Construct taking players away from the core single-player campaign and testing their skills in a target arena. Whilst the update is still a solo experience, the Cygnia Cup Challenge does feature online global leaderboards so players can track their scores with others.

VRFocus was very impressed with Apex Construct giving the PlayStation VR version a five star review, saying: “Despite some minor gripes, its clear that Apex Construct represents the way forward for VR videogames, an absorbing, intriguing experience that draws you in with a rich world complete with its own history and mysteries to be unravelled as well as a fluid combat system. Apex Construct is the standard by which future VR titles will be judged, and an indicator that VR has stepped up its game.”

Whilse available now for European customers in both digital and boxed forms, Fast Travel Games has confirmed a physical version will be coming to North America in July 2018. For any further updates on the videogame or studio, keep reading VRFocus.

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