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Nightstar Alliance

Arcade VR Shooter Nightstar Alliance Is Now Available In Early Access

Neon filled arcade action in virtual reality.

Tiny Leviathan Studios, an independent developer with only three full-time members of staff, revealed their virtual reality (VR) arcade shooter Nightstar Alliance not long ago but now it has released into Early Access. This neon filled, arcade shooter invites players to command a powerful battlecruiser and stop all sorts of things from destroying humankind.

Nightstar Alliance

Players will command and upgrade their heavily armed battlecruiser and force a fleet of capable ships that will be your weapon in stopping the attacking enemy. With a fully immersive 360-degree of stunning galactic warfare, players will need to pay attention to their surroundings if they want to survive in this title. To make this challenge a bit easier players will be able to customize their fleet with lasers, blasters, flak cannons and even nuclear devices. Offensive and defensive equipment is included and all of these will create plenty of opportunities for players to play how they want.

The Early Access period of Nightstar Alliance is set to last for around six months, according to the titles Steam page, and during this time feedback from players will help to shape the title. Though in a feature complete and functional state the title will only include two out of the planned four chapters. The remaining two will be added during the Early Access period and bring with them new enemies to fight and plenty of challenges to overcome.

Nightstar Alliance

Alongside the story mode Nightstar Alliance will also feature online leaderboards meaning players can compete to see who is the best command and can earn the highest score.

“We designed Nightstar: Alliance with a focus on VR arcades and arcade style at home players. This next stage of our development is about refining the base we have and proving our systems. To do that we need players and a lot of them! We see Early Access as a chance to develop the game with the community and staying diligent with changes and improvements as well as new content ideas.” Tiny Leviathan Studios writes on the steam page.

Nightstar Alliance is now available on Steam Early Access now with support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality with siting, standing and room-scale available. As the title continues its journey through Early Access VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest, so stay tuned for more.

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