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Crooked Waters

Become A Virtual Private In Crooked Waters

Releasing on Steam Early Access later this month.

If there is one thing that will never not be fun, it is playing the role of a pirate. Craft Game Studio have taken this to heart with their upcoming virtual reality (VR) title which puts players up against each other in immersive sea battles where only the best pirate crew will win. This, is Crooked Waters.

Crooked Waters

In Crooked Waters, players will face off as two teams of four each with their own ship that needs to be managed in order to succeed. This means adjusting the sails angle and length, steering he ship, loading and firing the cannons, and even climbing up to the lookout for a better view of the rolling sea in front of them. Of course once you find the other ship it will be time for all out navy warfare.

The title will feature a number of options to help make movement as smooth as possible for players including the option for free locomotion, driven by the touchpad or thumbstick. Swinging your arms is also a valid movement option and their is the included feature of quick turning which offers 90-degree, fast rotation by means of the touchpad or thumbstick once again. To top it all off, Crooked Waters has roomscale support meaning players will really feel immersed within the pirate world.

Crooked Waters

Craft Game Studio will be bringing their title to Steam Early Access later this month with the plan to keep it in that state for no longer than a year. It will release with functioning online multiplayer, including a tavern lobby with working mini-games and pianos, for up to two teams of four players to battle it out on the open seas. The team have plans for the future of the title writing on the store page saying: “We would like to add destruction of ships. This combined with more offensive weaponry can add an extra layer of depth to the ship vs ship battles. We also want to add a progression system so players get rewarded for winning matches. We also considered larger crew ships and possibly increasing the ship count. We also thought about adding a treasure hunting mode or storyline, however this completely depends on what the community sees fit for the game.”

Crooked Waters is set to release on Steam in Early Access on June 19th, 2018 with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. You can see a gameplay trailer for the release below and for more on Crooked Waters in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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