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Wolfenstein II - Official Art

Bethesda Announce Wolfenstein in VR At E3

Mess up the plans of Nazis by turning thier machines against them in upcoming VR experience.

It is the biggest time of year for the videogame industry, with E3 2018 upon us. That means a massive avalanche of announcements, trailers, premieres and reveals. In the world of virtual reality (VR) Bethesda has led the charge with an announcement of Wolfenstein Cyberpilot.

Bethesda have become known for its work in VR, having previously been responsible for several very successful VR titles in 2017. Wolfenstein Cyberpilot involves taking the role of a hacker who can remotely take control of terrifying Nazi war machines in order to turn them against their masters in a (hopefully) suitably spectacular fashion. The announcement followed on from another titles to grace

Some of the biggest VR titles of last year emerged from the Bethesda stable, primarily being VR conversions of already existing Bethesda titles. Of course, Fallout 4 VR had been teased by the studio at various events for quite some time before it was finally released to considerable acclaim.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot - logo

Another of the big Bethesda titles was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, which also did big numbers and gain considerable acclaim from both fans and critics, bringing its vast fantasy world into the VR realm and allowing people to explore VR as a dragonborn. DOOM VFR was yet another Bethesda VR success story, this time not a VR conversion of a previously existing title, instead being a new adventure that spun off from the successful 2016 DOOM title.

Wolfenstien Cyberpilot and the Prey VR experiences are both available to play at the Bethesda booth at E3, for those lucky enough to be able to attend in person. Come back later this week for a hands-on report from VRFocus staff at the event.

It remains to be seen if 2019 will be another bumper Bethesda year for VR, but VRFocus will be sure to keep reporting on the latest news as we roll through 2018.

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