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Jupiter and Mars - Title

Cosmic Dolphins in New Jupiter & Mars Trailer

New trailer from publishers Tigertron shows some of the underwater environments of Jupiter & Mars.

The advent of E3 always means the release of a whole host of new information, announcements and trailers. One of these newly unveiled trailers comes from publisher Tigertron, who have revealed some footage of upcoming PlayStation VR title Jupiter & Mars.

Jupiter & Mars stars a pair of dolphins called, as you might expect, Jupiter and Mars. Humanity is long gone and the two dolphins set out the explore a surreal neon waterscape.

Jupiter and Mars

The trailer shows footage of some of the watery ‘biomes’ that the dolphin protagonists will explore as they search for the mysterious group of whales known as the elders in an effort to enlist their help and find a way to resolve the problems that humankind left behind.

Players will be able to take control of one of the dolphins while the other aids you under AI control as you solve puzzles and hunt for hidden treasure and also meet up with legendary sea creatures in order to find a way to restore the damaged underwater world to life.

Jupiter and Mars will need to find and the neutralise a series of semi-functional bases that were once inhabited by humans. These bases are disrupting sea life, either through neglect and malfunction or design.

Jupiter is a female dolphin who has enhanced echolocation abilities which let her see in even the murkiest of waters. Mars is her partner, a male dolphin who is alert and always ready for action. Their quest is aided by the Elders, and ancient race of whales who provide information needed to fulfil their task.

Jupiter and Mars - Screenshot

Jupiter & Mars is being developed in partnership with ocean conservation organisations SeaLegacy and The Ocean Foundation who are providing exclusive content to the development team to create a rich and realistic underwater environment.

The trailer is available to view below, and VRFocus will bring you further news on Jupiter & Mars as it becomes available.

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