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Cross-Platform Online Co-Op FPS Gunheart Leaves Early Access

There’s a limited time discount available on Steam.

Last summer Drifter Entertainment launched its first virtual reality (VR) title, a co-op first-person shooter called Gunheart into Early Access for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Today, Gunheart has now left Early Access on Steam (its still listed on Oculus Store as EA), adding lots of new features and improvements.

Gunheart screenshot

Looking like a mixture of Gears of War and Halo, Gunheart is all about frantic co-op action – you can play single-player as well –  where you and your friends become customizable robotic bounty hunters trying to make a buck at the edge of the galaxy.

So for Gunheart 1.0 Drifter Entertainment has added a double jump ability for all players to easily navigate the battlefield, official cross-platform support between VR and non-VR players, a new introduction and tutorial for new players, several new music tracks as well as hundreds of new lines of dialogue to add clarity and extra backstory, lobby/region select is now available on startup so you can join friends games, and for those relaxing moments away from the main missions the shooting range has been upgraded.

“Gunheart has been a passion project for the team since inception and we are extremely excited to be able to offer such an incredibly unique and fun RPG shooter to fans across the globe,” said Ray Davis, co-founder and CEO of Drifter Entertainment. “From the beginning, we’ve focused on building Gunheart as a world class VR gaming experience, and now with cross-play we’re able to share the experience with desktop players. Gunheart is guaranteed to provide hours of insanely fast co-op combat for you and your friends.”

Gunheart screenshot

As for the main experience itself,  Gunheart has 10 unique weapons to unlock and master, 40+ weapon modifications that enable hundreds of thousands custom weapons for you to take on 9 campaign and 11 challenge missions. Elite mode and weekly missions keep the challenges coming even after you have mastered the campaign. And then there are the PvP battles which pit you against other bounty hunters either in free-for-all or team based skirmishes.

Gunheart is available now via Steam for £21.41 GBP, saving 10 percent off the usual price of £23.79. For any further updates from Drifter Entertainment, keep reading VRFocus.

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