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Ghost Giant - Logo Screenshot

Discover Friendship In Ghost Giant, Announced For PlayStation VR

Sony reveal the latest title from developer Zoink.

In the run up to the main event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018, Sony have announced a new PlayStation VR title today called Ghost Giant. Here, players are invited to an adorable world full of animal characters where they will make friends with Louis and explore a picturesque town together.

Ghost Giant - Screenshot

Players will meet the young Louis in an out-of-the-way part of town where, as shown in the announcement trailer, will lead to a rather funny first interaction. Given the player is a giant ghost, Louis becomes scared at first and runs away from the player. Once they have had a movement to relax, Louis starts interacting with the player and it is from here that a friendship will develop.

Louis is a sunflower farmer who is rather lonely but gets by. Of course, now with the player in their life they are not so lonely anymore. As the Ghost Giant, players will use their see-through hands to interact with the world in a number of different ways. This includes lifting furniture, vehicles, trees and a number of other objects solve problems and progress the story forward. Players will be able to rotate and open entire buildings as well to uncover what is happening within. This is shown off in the trailer and looks as beautiful as it does fun. As the developers Zoink describe it, Ghost Giant is a dollhouse sandbox experience with the town of Sancourt being your playground.

Ghost Giant - Screenshot

Along the journey players will use their new found giant size to help Louis out and build up a strong friendship with the character. You will need to aid Louis in all manner of challenges which may seem impossible as first. While they often involve heavy lifting, the key role you will play is less physical as it is being a supporting friend for a child in need of some guidance. This is a title about friendship, relationships, and being a giant ghost.

The team are Zoink have teamed up with the renowned writer  Sara Bergmark Elfgren for this title, whose work ranges from novels to graphic novels to screenplays, and have been translated to 25 languages. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Ghost Giant in the future along with all the latest from E3 2018 so make sure to stay tuned for more. You can see the trailer for the title below.

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