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The Ancients AR

Enlist The Power Of The Ancients In The Ancients AR, Now Available

Stunning fleet battles complete with gigantic creatures in augmented reality.

You may have heard about a n augmented reality (AR) title by the name of The Ancients AR, being developed by Warsaw based studio Immersion, which promises to give players the thrill of intense battles on the ocean complete with giants. The title has now released onto iOS devices thanks to Apple’s ARKit meaning players can become immersive in gigantic battles featuring just as big creatures.

The Ancients AR

In this real-time strategy title, players will need to command their fleet to ensure victory in some grand scale battles. Of course, should you need the extra firepower you can summon a fire-spitting dragon, or use other gigantic creatures to cast lighting bolts, fireballs, and so much more. With a number of different ships to command, how you prepare your fleet and magical powers of the Ancients will be key to ensuring victory in this action packed mobile title.

“I’ll never forget the first time I saw Jakub Różalski’s artwork. The powerful imagery in each of Jakub’s paintings moved us beyond our comfort zone – inspiring us to create the dangerous, uncharted world of The Ancients. It’s the perfect setting for a strategy game: a place where both traditional naval warfare and magic exist – and where these almost god-like creatures can turn the tide of battle in a split second!” Said Piotr Baczyński, CEO, Immersion.

The Ancients AR

Immersion are also currently working on a version of The Ancients AR in cooperation with HTC Vive. This virtual reality (VR) version will offer the same experience but also allow players to take on the point-of-view of the Ancients themselves, unleashing their powerful attacks for yourself. When this version of the title releases it will mark one of the first franchises with titles available for both AR and VR. More details on this version in the future.

The Ancients AR is available now on the App Store for supported iOS devices for $6.99 (USD). Immersion are working on an Android release of the title which is planned to release sometime later this year. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on The Ancients AR in the future so make sure to keep reading. You can see a trailer for the title below as well.

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