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Budget Cuts - Title

Escape The Office In Budget Cuts, Now Available

Sneak around, throw knives at robots, all within virtual reality.

Budget Cuts, the virtual reality (VR) title about sneaking around an office and throwing knives at robots has finally released. Developed by Neat Corporation, Budget Cuts has been a long time coming and following a recent delay, players who have been waiting can now pick up the title today.

The title was first revealed back in 2016 and has since been the subject of a number of delays. The most recent one being in late May of this year but fans waiting for the title had to come to terms with delays back in early May as well. Finally though, it is time to let loose your inner knight throwing skills.

As an employee at the mega conglomerate TransCorp, your job is to stamp papers and file files. Unfortunately TransCorp is an expert in the business of manufacturing cost-cutting robots and this soon puts your job in danger. As another one of your coworkers is being dragged off to HR, a mysterious package arrives at your cubicle. It is then from here that you will need to do everything you can in order to save your job, and possibly your life.

Budget Cuts is also making use of a unique portal based locomotion system, designed to reduce the risk of motion sickness and offer players a lot of freedom. Talking about the design behind this system, Freya Holmér, co-founder of Neat Corporation explains: “Early on, we knew that that we didn’t want it to cause any sort of motion sickness. Motion sickness could be an entire post of its own, but, long story short? we can’t accelerate the player in the game, unless they also feel that acceleration in reality.” To achieve this, players have to throw out a beacon which then then teleport to. Not only does it create a reason within the videogame as to how players can reach high areas and such, but it fits with the design of the whole title.

VRFocus’ Staff Writer Rebecca Hills-Duty previewed Budget Cuts saying: “Budget Cuts is a great title, with substation story and meaty, challenging gameplay, and an entertaining style, but it does suffer from some significant performance problems that do detract from the experience. Budget Cuts could be elevated from good to utterly brilliant if it is given a little more time in the oven to bake in and correct the issues.” It was because of these issues that Neat Corporation held the release back a few weeks to ensure they were all ironed out.

Budget Cuts is available now on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and also on the Oculus Store. It’s currently priced at £20.69 (GBP) on Steam, discounted from £22.99. However, Oculus Rift owners might want to go via the Oculus Store as at the time of writing it is priced at £19.99 (GBP) there.

For more on the title in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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