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Project M Evie

EVR Studio Reveal Two Heroines From Upcoming ‘Project M’ VR Title

Images, interviews and even a music performance with Hana and Evie.

One of the things that helps to make virtual reality (VR) more immersive is lifelike and believable characters. For the team over at EVR Studio based in Seoul, Korea who are currently working on the long awaited Project M, creating highly detailed characters is something they have gotten very good at doing. Now, the company is ready to introduce players to two new heroines from the upcoming Project M once again showcasing their professional high-quality characters in motion.

Project M Hana Choi

The two new heroines to be revealed are Hana Choi and Evie and will make their videogame debut in the upcoming story-driven VR adventure title currently codenamed Project M – Episode 1. Besides the reveal of the two heroines we now also have some details on the plot of the title as well. Focusing on the events of Ian who, during working as an agent for the resistance against a giant corporation that threatens humanity is killed and sent ten years back into the past, ending up in high school. This is where the story will start and all plans will have to work on is the memory of a white chrysanthemum flower.

As for the roles that Hana and Evie will play in the title, that is still to be announced but to help players get know to them EVR Studio have released a number of videos that showcase the characters and the work of the team. With lifelike animations and highly detailed models, it is almost hard to tell that the heroines are in fact computer generated. This level of fidelity is made possible thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine 4 and the collaborative efforts of EVR Studio.

Project M Evie

You might recall that EVR Studio have already released two short titles that take place within the Project M world. This includes Project M: Dream, which originally released back in May 2016, which demonstrated EVR Studio’s high quality characters, rendered in real-time. Players can emotionally connect with their character thanks to the high level of detail that has gone into the models and the animations. Project M: Dream is available to download now for free.

The second title from the company was Project M: Daydream, a short VR experience that allows players to interact with  a digital friend, go skydiving and hang out at the beach in the form of daydreams. Though again showcasing the high level of digital within the visuals of the character this release also gave a taste of EVR Studio’s plans for interactivity and story content which will be the core foundation of their main videogame, set to release later this year.

You can see the interview with Hana below, showcasing the technology at work along with giving an introduction to the character. The interview with Evie is available to watch on EVR Studio’s YouTube channel along with a music performance by Hana. For more details on Project M – Episode 1 in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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