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Firesprite’s The Persistence Will Be Playable At Post E3 #XR Review Event In London

Get hands-on with a number of big titles a week after E3 2018.

UK-based developer Firesprite, the studio behind the the virtual reality (VR) title The Playroom VR for PlayStation VR are currently working on their next experience in the form of a horror title called The Persistence. With Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 show underway the developer confirmed that the title would be playable at the event. For those who are unable to make it to E3 2018 however, there is a chance to get hands-on after the show at the upcoming Post E3 #XR Review event.

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The Persistence is a horror title that will immersive players within a spaceship out in the deep reaches of space that is studying a collapsed star. As to be expected, a disaster occurs, killing most of the crew. The ship’s computer tries to employ the on-board cloning machine to resurrect the crew but it doesn’t go as well as the computer would hope for. This is where the player steps in as the only non-corrupted crew member who is now tasked with defeating the corrupted crew and taking back control of the ship.

Those who have been unable to get to California to get hands-on with the title will then be glad to know that Firesprite will be bringing it to the Post E3 #XR Review event. This is taking place at the Realities Centre, a London, UK based hub for all things VR, augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) and will be bringing together a range of products and content for people to enjoy post E3.

The Persistence

“E3 is one of the most exciting events in the yearly calendar for interactive entertainment so the opportunity to showcase the best of the UK’s talents could not be missed,” said Thomas Gere, Realities Centre CEO in a statement. “Partnering with VRFocus has afforded us the opportunity to get an insight into the show floor from halfway across the world and bring in the people responsible for some of the biggest announcements of the event.”

Alongside the chance to experience The Persistence, attendees will also be able to try a range of titles including Arca’s Path from Dream Reality Interactive and Rebellion, along with Football Nation VR by Cherry Pop Games. In addition to the playable demos on show at the Post E3 #XR Review, the event will offer a number of speaker sessions and a panel discussing all the latest XR news lead by VRFocus’ own Kevin Joyce and Nina Salomons.

The Realities Centre Post E3 #XR Review will be taking place on 20th June, in White City, London. The event starts at 7pm but VIP tickets allow for early access to the event. You can find tickets for the event over on the Realities Centre Eventbrite Page, and for more news on all things XR, keep reading VRFocus.


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