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Nevrosa Escape

GexagonVR Announces Soundtrack Update for Nevrosa

Full soundtrack to the VR experience will soon be available on Soundcloud.

Virtual reality (VR) escape room experience Nevrosa has been received positively by the Steam community, and the development team at GexagonVR have tried to respond to player feedback and introduce new updates and features. The latest update concerns the music behind the VR experience.

Though often underestimated, music and sound design can have a serious impact on the feel and atmosphere of a videogame, and this is especially true in the immersive environment of VR.

Responding to this, GexagonVR are releasing the full soundtrack on Soundcloud, with a preview already available to listen to. The symphonic soundtrack was created with the aid of the Saint Petersburg State Philharmonic Orchestra, who produced the music heard throughout the Mist World and Conway’s Manor New Rosa.

Nevrosa is an escape room title which contains elements of horror and action, along with an art deco artistic theme which informs the design of the strange laboratory you find yourself trapped in.

The story revolves around one Mr. Conway, who has inherited an old manor in Northern Europe. His grandfather was famous for his scientific work, but he mysteriously vanished some years ago. Travelling to the manor house, Conway finds his Grandfather’s laboratory, and a mystery that ties together his family history with strange events happening in and around the manor.

VRFocus covered Nevrosa: Escape in a review, where it was said: “The atmosphere, attention to detail and the reasonably deep storyline are noteworthy, it’s the puzzles that are most imperative to making Nevrosa: Escape shine. Luckily they do, offering enough variety and difficulty that as previously mentioned, can annoy you at first before realising that answer was right in front of your face.”

The soundtrack update will come with a host of bug fixes and changes to the sound manager of Nevrosa, giving a new feeling to the sound experience. This update is due to hit in a couple of weeks. Further information can be found on the Steam store page. As usual, VRFocus will bring you further information as it becomes available.

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